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Frequently Asked Questions

What does production value mean?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. production value (plural production values) (film, performing arts) A method, material, or stagecraft skill used in the production of a motion picture or artistic performance; the technical quality of such a method, material, or skill.

What is the economic value of media?

Media production and distribution creates economic value along its sectoral production chains. It also does so through these ecosystems, increasingly owned and managed by "supercompetitors". How should society measure and value their impact? This project, Value in Media, has spent a year looking at how individual consumers value destination media.

What is media production?

Media production means the making of a motion picture, television show, video, commercial, Internet video, or other viewable programming provided to viewers via a movie theater or transmitted through broadcast radio wave, cable, satellite, wireless, or Internet.

What factors affect the production value of a film?

In order of importance, these are the factors for high production value: Story Editing Acting (or other content) Sound Recording / Design Cinematography High End Camera Equipment

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