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Frequently Asked Questions

What is active listening?

Effective listening requires active listening, which the University of the People defines as “a soft skill that directs the focus from what’s in your head to the words coming from the outside. By being able to focus on what another person is saying, you can understand needs and information more accurately.”

What is the importance of listening skills in the workplace?

Genuine, attentive listening has become rare. Active listening skills can help build relationships, solve problems, ensure understanding and avoid conflict. By becoming a better listener, you’ll improve your workplace productivity, as well as your ability to lead a team, persuade and negotiate.

How can i Improve my English listening skills?

1. Avoid internal and external distractions. Focus on what they're saying. Don't allow other thoughts or sounds to sway your concentration. 2. Listen to the content of their speech. Focus on the specific words they're using.

What are passive listening techniques?

Passive listening techniques focus on keeping the communication flowing. It encourages the speaker to open up. Pay attention to the speaker. Avoid judgmental or defensive responses. Exert mild pressure on the speaker to keep on talking, explaining and elaborating. Create the space the speaker needs to verbalize his real needs, opinion or doubts.

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