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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best synonym for the word programming?

other words for programming. MOST RELEVANT. compute. prioritize. register. set up. arrange. bill. book.

Which is the best example of a program?

A program is processed by the central processing unit (CPU) of the computer before it is executed. An example of a program is Microsoft Word, which is a word processing application that enables users to create and edit documents. The browsers that we use are also programs created to help us browse the internet. 3. API

Which is the best programming language in the world?

1 Hack 2 HAGGIS 3 HAL/S 4 Halide (programming language) 5 Harbour 6 Hartmann pipelines 7 Haskell 8 Haxe 9 Hermes 10 High Level Assembly (HLA) More items...

How to program document-level customizations for word?

Program Word documents by using host items host controls Host items and host controls are classes that provide the programming model for document-level customizations. Host items provide an entry point for your code, and they can also act as containers for host controls and Windows Forms controls.

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