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Frequently Asked Questions

Is proposed a verb?

propose [sth] ⇒ vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat." (suggest) proposer⇒ vtr verbe transitif: verbe qui s'utilise avec un complément d'objet direct (COD). Ex : "J'écris une lettre". "Elle a retrouvé son chat". I propose a toast. To the happy couple!

What does proposed by mean?

Verb form of the word propose. They both proposed to each other and they both accepted. Rank popularity for the word 'proposed' in Written Corpus Frequency: #2520

What is the definition of proposed? 1. To put forward for consideration, discussion, or adoption; suggest: propose a change in the law. 2. To recommend (a person) for a position, office, or membership; nominate. 3. To offer (a toast to be drunk). 4. To make known as one's intention; purpose or intend: proposed to buy and run a farm.

What is another word for proposed?

The definition of a proffer is an offer or offering. Find another word for proposal. In this page you can discover 43 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for proposal, like: offer, asking of one's hand, draft, plan, recommendation, proposition, suggestion, overture, nomination, marriage-proposal and proposal of marriage.

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