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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best dictionary definition of prospects?

Define prospects. prospects synonyms, prospects pronunciation, prospects translation, English dictionary definition of prospects. n. 1. Something expected; a possibility. 2. prospects a. Chances. b. Financial expectations, especially of success.

Who are the top prospects for the Athletics?

Prospect Rankings Rank Player Position Level eta 7 Luis Barrera OF AAA 2021 8 Jeff Criswell RHP A+ 2023 9 Greg Deichmann OF AAA 2021 10 Junior Perez CF A 2024 6 more rows ...

How are prospect's different from actual money?

Prospect s are improved, of course, by the fact that about 20 percent of BYU students get married before they graduate. The Apartments are but low and plain, but here is one of the most beautiful Prospect s in the World. " Prospect s are very different from actual money, and compared to her I'm a pauper," Derby answered.

Which is an unlikely prospect for a company?

Bankruptcy is an unlikely prospect for the company. There was no prospect that the two parties would reach an agreement anytime soon. a young baseball player who's considered a top prospect We haven't decided which car to buy yet. We're still looking at a few prospects.

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