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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal definition of the word protect?

Legal Definition of protect 1 : to shield from injury or harm protecting public health and safety

Which is the best synonym for the word protected?

Antonyms for protected. assailed, assaulted, attacked.

What does it mean to be a protected institution?

ProtectED is founded on the firm belief that HEIs have a broader role in relation to student safety, security and wellbeing. ProtectED institutions have advanced from believing their responsibilities to be defined by geographical campus boundaries, to understanding that they encompass the totality of their students' experience.

What does protected mean for higher education in UK?

ProtectED is the 'gold standard' for assessing the work done by universities to look after their students' safety, security and wellbeing. ProtectED is the first UK higher education accreditation scheme to look comprehensively across this broad area.

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