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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the seven protected classes?

The seven classes protected under the Federal Fair Housing Act are: Color. Disability. Familial Status (i.e., having children under 18 in a household, including pregnant women) National Origin. Race. Religion. Sex.

What does protected class mean?

A protected class can be defined as a group sharing some similar characteristics that cannot legally face some forms of discrimination. This term is used extensively in US law to define and refer to people who might be objects of prejudice. At the federal level, color, race, national origin, and religion are some of the classes.

Are students a protected class?

While students are not a protected class in and of themselves, each student is still protected under fair housing laws. This provides students with the right to ask about, apply for, and obtain housing without being discriminated against on account of their race, national origin, color, religion, disability, sex,...

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