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Frequently Asked Questions

How are bollards used for safety and security?

Bollards can provide security in a wide range of applications and levels of security. Collapsible bollards are ideal for areas intended to be accessed by emergency, utility and forest preserve vehicles among many others. Collapsible bollards are often found on emergency vehicle access roads, trailheads and maintenance entrances.

What makes Ontario bollards an asset protection company?

Our primary strength is the planning and implementation of turn-key asset protection systems whether you require supply only, or supply with installation. Our solutions are tailored to your individual requirements. 1. Assessment

Are there any Atkore security bollards in the US?

For nearly a century Atkore brands have powered and protected the world, but we are just getting started. Click below to explore the future of Building Better Together. The Perimeter Defense Technology (PDT) line of security bollards holds the U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act designation.

Why are fixed bollard posts good for parking lots?

Perfect for barriers around building entrances or parking lots, our fixed bollards offer permanent collision protection and provide a visual deterrent for unwanted traffic. These durable steel bollard posts are ideal if you want to protect an area that no vehicle should ever access, and they have the same uniform finish as our removable bollards.

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