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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the protection history in Windows 10?

Starting with Windows 10 build 18035, the Protection history experience in Windows Security has been completely revamped. The new Protection History experience still shows you detections by Windows Defender Antivirus, but it’s now updated to also give more detailed and easier to understand information about threats and available actions.

Is there a way to clear protection history?

If you want to clear the protection history, you can use the below method. 1. Press Windows key + X together from the keyboard and click on File explorer to open file explorer. 2. Go inside C : folder , usually where your windows OS is installed. 3. Click on View and make sure that hidden items is checked.

How to restore a file from protection history?

Restore - This puts the file back on your device where Defender will once again detect it as a threat and create a new Threat found - action needed item in Protection History. You'll need to go into there and select Allow on device if you're confident this idem is safe. This indicates that Defender has blocked and removed a threat on your device.

What happens if I remove protection history from Windows Defender?

If you do not remove/allow/quarantine a threat, it will reappear in Windows Defender. If the exclamation mark on the Windows Defender system tray icon doesn’t go away when you purge your protection history, try restarting your system.

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