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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of Protector in English?

English Language Learners Definition of protector : a person or thing that protects someone or something See the full definition for protector in the English Language Learners Dictionary

Why do we need to watch the protector?

A young man discovers that he has special powers. Now it is necessary to learn to use these forces in order to protect the city and all humanity against the dark forces that want to destroy Istanbul. In this journey there is no other choice but to act with his friends who will help him.

What is the Protector 2 action control engine?

The Protector 2 product line was one of the pioneers of the concept of Global Linking in access control systems. Our new Action Control Engine in the PROTECTOR.Net platform takes this to a whole new level. High performance engine allows simultaneous action executions and scalability limited only by the hardware it’s running on.

What do you need to know about

Modern responsive HTML5 interface adapts to best suit the device being used to access PROTECTOR.Net. This includes tablets, phones, notebooks or traditional desktop computers. 100% web based access control solution. Intuitive easy to use interface. Enhanced security via SSL.

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