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Frequently Asked Questions

What does protocol stand for?

Finally, protocol can be used to mean “a set of rules used in programming computers so that they can communicate with each other,” such as an Internet protocol. If you are familiar with VOIP, a new kind of phone service, the letters in this acronym stand for Voice Over Internet Protocol. I hope this helps.

What does protocol define?

Definition of protocol. 1 : an original draft, minute, or record of a document or transaction. 2a : a preliminary memorandum often formulated and signed by diplomatic negotiators as a basis for a final convention or treaty.

What is the difference between protocol and standard?

Protocol and Standard in Computer Networks Protocol : In Order to make communication successful between devices , some rules and procedures should be agreed upon at the sending and receiving ends of the system. Standards : Standards are the set of rules for data communication that are needed for exchange of information among devices. Types of Standards : De Facto Standard. ... More items...

What does protocol mean in medical terms?

(1) The study plan which governs all aspects of a clinical trial. The protocol describes the objectives, design, methodology, statistical considerations, and organisation.

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