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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for protocol?

Synonyms for protocol include conventions, etiquette, formalities, manners, courtesies, customs, propriety, decorum, procedure and politesse. Find more similar words ...

What is another word for protocols?

What is another word for according to protocol? according to protocol. Adverb. In an official manner. officially. correctly. formally. properly. regularly.

What is the opposite of protocol?

Antonyms for protocol include crudeness, disagreement, impoliteness, impropriety, rudeness, bad manners, indecency, indecorum, immorality and boorishness. Find more ...

What are the examples of protocols?

This protocol details a multimethod cohort design undertaken to ... rate their perceived change in specific participation and mobility domains (for example, moving around their home, taking care of errands, taking care of their health) since social ...

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