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Frequently Asked Questions

What is provider Express?

Welcome to Provider Express This is the provider website designed for behavioral health providers for Optum and its affiliates. Please select an icon below to go to the Regional site where you are located. It is recommended you bookmark/save your Regional page in your browser. United States provider transactions log in

How do I verify what services need an authorization?

We make it easy to verify what services need an authorization through our online tools on Provider Express. Start by looking up the Member’s eligibility and benefits to see what services require an authorization.

How do I request authorization for an extended outpatient session?

For all other non-routine services, including extended sessions billed through the 90837 procedure code, please call the number on the back of the Member's ID card to request authorization. These services, including extended outpatient sessions, will be approved only when certain criteria are met.

How do I find other providers in the our network?

Find other participating providers through the directories on the Our Network page here. Our mission is to make healthcare better for everyone. For providers, this means simplifying your business transaction by offering effective and efficient tools to support your care delivery and your business operations.

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