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Frequently Asked Questions

How to accept EBT payments?

Your business can accept EBT card payments if you are registered and authorized through SNAP or the supplemental nutrition assistance program. If your business is not yet registered, you can sign up to become a SNAP merchant.

Does Amazon take EBT?

Amazon, as well as six other companies nationwide, will begin accepting EBT for online grocery orders as part of a USDA pilot program that is aimed at eliminating “food deserts,” or areas where residents have limited access to fresh food and groceries.

How can I Check my EBT balance online?

Check whether this is possible in your state. Visit the Online EBT SNAP Accounts page at Click on the link next to the state that issued your benefits card, if it appears on the list. Use one of the alternate methods below if your state is not on the list.

What is my EBT balance?

You may also obtain your balance by: Logging on to the EBT Cardholder Portal. Calling the EBT Customer Service number (1-888-356-3281) on the back of your card. ... Checking your food assistance or cash account balances at an ATM or POS machine. If your benefits have not been deposited into your account please go to Unused benefits will rollover each month. More items...

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