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Frequently Asked Questions

What is providersoft and how does it work?

As a web-based commercial software product, ProviderSoft was first introduced to the public in 2007. The goal was to enable more efficient management of Early Intervention Agencies in New York State.

What are the deadlines/alerts in providersoft?

Other Deadlines/Alerts - there are several other alerts shown in Providersoft for your attention, including: Prescriptions Due, Assigned Units Nearly Depleted, Inactivity, & Lapses. Please review the PS Overview training for an explanation on what these alerts mean:

Where can I find the providersoft therapist login screen?

Providersoft link: Please use this training video as an overview of the Providersoft system, tabs, and features:

Why chooseprovidersoft for your business?

ProviderSoft has helped our administrators vastly improve situational awareness, increase utilization and billing of assigned services, track personnel file items, report on due dates and lapses in service delivery, and it enables service providers to access forms and paperwork online.

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