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Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage providersoft Behavioral Services ( providersoft )?

Upload and track electronic or manual responses from Payers Go Paperless Create or upload documents for clients and providers Auto-file electronic session notes linked to services Send secure records to and from providers in real-time Ensure Compliance Prevent duplicates, overlaps, and over-utilization

How is providersoft an asset to my program?

Providersoft is a wonderful asset to my program.” Lizette AlexanderBACH ECI “Client Services staff are outstanding! They are always quick to reply and solve any issues or teach or remind us how to perform certain activities. Without a doubt, the best support we could have ever dreamed of!”

How to log in to therapeutic resources rehabilitation therapy portal?

Welcome to the Therapeutic Resources Rehabilitation Therapy Portal! then click on the [Login] button. Username can not be empty. * The default User Name assigned to you is your current email address.

Which is the best providersoft system for business?

“The ProviderSoft system is excellent for all processes in business: Billing, Collections, Payroll, Reports, etc. Most importantly, ProviderSoft’s team is always taking into consideration the customer’s requests and suggestions which are based on the every day experiences of clients working with ProviderSoft.” Tanya OstrovskyRightStart Inc.

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