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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Prowl mean?

Prowl is defined as to sneak about or search for prey. An example of to prowl is for a lion to creep around looking for food. To roam through stealthily, as in search of prey or plunder. Prowled the alleys of the city after dark. To rove furtively or with predatory intent. Cats prowling through the neighborhood. The act or an instance of prowling.

What rhymes with Prowl?

Words and phrases that rhyme with prowl: (63 results) 1 syllable: boulle, choule, coule, coull, cowl, crowl, crowle, dowle, foul, foule, fowl, growl, houle, howl, jowl, moul, moule, noule, owl, raul, roule, scowl, soule, spoule, sproul, sprowl, strowl, thowl, towel, towle, troul, trowl.

Is prowl a verb?

prowl (third-person singular simple present prowls, present participle prowling, simple past and past participle prowled) (transitive) To rove over, through, or about in a stealthy manner; especially, to search in, as for prey or booty. Sir Philip Sidney He prowls each place, still in new colours decked.

What is the noun for Prowl?

What is the noun for prowl? One who roves about for prey; one who prowls. "Has anyone begun to question the prowler they found near the Princes' Sanctuary as yet?" "The prowler has tried to get through windows and doors of retirement homes in Woodcock Park and Whitfield Close in Warminster."

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