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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is PRX and what do they do?

PRX distributes broadcast programs that are aired on public radio stations across all 50 U.S. states. These broadcasts are also available as podcasts. PRX works with producers large and small to distribute or develop an array of first-rate podcasts.

Which is the best PRX home gym package?

PRx Performance - Lift Big in Small Spaces (as seen on Shark Tank!) Home Gym Packages How Much Can You Save? The PRO series is the best of the best. Available in multiple colors and made of 3x3 steel.

What does PRX stand for in physics category?

Reflecting the diversity and dynamics of today’s physics research, PRX showcases research in established core areas of physics that achieves breakthroughs in technology, experiment, and theory, or that represents a paradigm shift in understanding.

Who are the partners of PRX kids podcast?

Our partners include The Moth, Snap Judgment, TED, Smithsonian, Mother Jones, and public radio stations around the country including WGBH, KERA, and NHPR. PRX is also the founder of two curated podcast networks: Radiotopia and TRAX. PRX is proud to serve even the youngest of listeners with PRX Kids.

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