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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a squat rack be placed on the wall?

A folding squat rack that installs securely against the wall, folds out with the feet touching the floor for support, and folds back up against the wall for storage.

What's the best way to install a PRX?

Use the following instruction manuals to install your new PRx equipment! Need some visual help? Watch these videos! We get many questions about whether we offer installation services. We do not have an installation team (though many of us would gladly do an onsite visit anywhere south in January to escape the North Dakota winter).

What's the spacing on a rogue squat rack?

Rogue put Westside hole spacing on the uprights. What this means is 1″ on center between the holes in the height range you would use for bench pressing, to help you set the J-cups and safety bars in the perfect spot. Higher than that they are spaced 2″, which is fine for squats or overhead presses.

Who is the inventor of the squat rack?

This basic idea was pioneered by PRx Performance in 2014, and backed by “Shark Tank” businessman and investor Kevin O’Leary in 2016. We sometimes make the mistake of thinking Rogue comes up with all this new stuff, but often they just popularize an existing idea by putting their huge market share behind it.

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