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Frequently Asked Questions

How many KOF games are in the king of Fighters Collection?

The first ever collection of THE KING OF FIGHTERS, consisting of 5 complete games. KOF 94, 95, 96, 97, 98. Does this game corrupt your Memory Card?

Is King of Fighters Orochi Saga on PS2?

A separately produced compilation titled The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga was released for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and Wii in North America, the PAL region, and Southeast Asia. This compilation has the same lineup of games as the Japanese Orochi Hen, along with KOF '94 and KOF '98.

What is the original King of Fighters?

The King of Fighters. The King of Fighters (KOF) is a series of fighting games by SNK that began with the release of The King of Fighters '94 in 1994. The series was developed originally for SNK's Neo Geo MVS arcade hardware. This served as the main platform for the series until 2004 when SNK retired it in favor of the Atomiswave arcade board.

What is the next king of Fighters game?

The latest entry in the series, The King of Fighters XIV, was released for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in 2016. The next game, The King of Fighters XV, is set to be released in February 2022. The games' story focuses on the title tournament where fighters from multiple SNK games take part.

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