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Frequently Asked Questions

What is psi called?

Pounds per square inch (PSI) is a very common unit of pressure used in many different pressure measuring applications. It’s typically used for non-SI industrial and technical purposes such as tire pressure, fuel storage & distribution, waste water management, and test & measurement activities among many others.

What does PSI mean in law?

A PSI is a Pre-Sentence Investigation and gives a court an overview of the newly convicted individual's past for purposes of a sentencing determination. In no way am I offering you legal advice, and in no way has my comment created an... In my opinion yes. A PSI is a pre-sentence investigation.

What is PSI in health care?

PSI is a nationally recognized provider of One Company, One Call services to the healthcare industry. We are a leader in providing environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing & engineering, industrial hygiene services, facilities & roof consulting, and specialty engineering & testing services.

What is PSI in education?

PSI was originally designed as a classroom-based method of instruction with the intention of improving student achievement and, at the same time, replacing the long tradition of punishment in education with the use of positive consequences for learning.

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