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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Edd back pay?

The EDD will process your claim and, if you are entitled to benefits, will grant you benefits based on the information contained in your claim form. The EDD would not, however, be liable to you for back pay based on any delay in processing the request or receipt of benefits.

What is the EdD CA?

EDD stands for the Employment Development Department in the state of California. It is a state-run agency that handles different employment and disability issues.

What is the Employment Development department in California?

The Employment Development Department is a state department in California that offers services for both employers and job seekers through a number of different insurance, investment, and information programs. In addition to helping unemployed workers find jobs, the department also helps disadvantaged...

What is a Pua file?

The PUA file extension is associated with the Against Rome a real-time strategic computer game for Microsoft Windows developed by Independent Arts Software GmbH. The PUA file stores various game data for Against Rome.

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