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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do extended unemployment benefits last?

Under normal times, an individual can collect unemployment benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks. But after the recession, Congress passed the emergency benefit program to extend that duration to 73 weeks, although the exact length varied by state.

Is PA extending unemployment benefits?

If your PA unemployment weekly benefits have come to an end you may be eligible to receive extended unemployment benefits through one of the state or federal unemployment extension programs. In case you are having trouble in finding employment and your backing is ending,...

What is the unemployment rate in Pennsylvania?

Since 2005 the unemployment rate in Pennsylvania has ranged from 3.5% in April 2019 to 15.6% in April 2020. The current unemployment rate for Pennsylvania is 6.1% for November 2020.

What are extended benefits?

Extended Benefits - EB Law and Legal Definition. Extended benefits is a supplemental employee beneficial program that pays extended compensation during periods of specified high unemployment to employees for weeks of unemployment after (1) the employees earn the maximum potential claim to regular compensation within their benefit year or (2)...

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