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Frequently Asked Questions

How to file a Pua claim in Hawaii?

Here are basic instructions, from DLIR: >> If you filed the PUA claim: Log into your PUA account at Click on the link to respond to fact-finding. You may be asked to upload more information to verify your identity, which could include a copy of your Social Security card, birth certificate or photo identification.

Is it true that Hawaii sends letters to root out fraud?

Answer: Yes, you’ve received a genuine letter from the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations designed to root out fraud in Hawaii’s PUA system, the federally funded program that pays unemployment benefits to people, such as the self-employed, who don’t qualify for standard unemployment insurance.

Is there a unemployment fraud ring in Hawaii?

As Kokua Line has re­ported ( ), Hawaii’s DLIR has stepped up its anti- fraud efforts since being alerted by the U.S. Secret Service that an international cybercrime ring is targeting state unemployment systems.

What to do if you get a Pua letter?

If you received a letter regarding a claim for PUA and you did NOT apply for benefits, please follow the instructions on the letter to report potential identity theft at PUA.HAWAII.GOV. The DLIR is not able to detect how or when your identity was stolen and cannot prevent it from being used elsewhere.

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