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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications for Illinois unemployment?

IL Wage and Employment Qualifications for Unemployment. For unemployment insurance eligibility, the UI applicant must have been paid at least $440 of wages at any time during the base period, not including the calendar quarter during which his or her wages were highest.

What is the maximum unemployment benefits in Illinois?

Illinois limits you to 26 weeks of unemployment benefits per benefit year, but you don't have to receive the compensation consecutively. Although the IDES divides your claims into weeks, your payments come on a biweekly basis.

How often to certify Illinois unemployment?

In Illinois, you can complete the certification process online or through the Teleserve phone system. You must certify every two weeks to receive your benefits. After you apply for unemployment benefits, IDES assigns you a certification day, which is either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

How do you file unemployment claim in Illinois?

Submitting Your Application Check if you’re eligible. Gather required information. Apply online. File by phone. Visit an office to file. Select your method of payment. Register with the employment service. Participate in an interview, if necessary. Receive your UI Finding.

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