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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Instacart good to work for?

InstaCart is changing the way people get their groceries. Unlike meal delivery services, InstaCart focuses strictly on grocery delivery. If you work for InstaCart, you’ll be able to make some good money, but it’ll take some effort and you’ll need to be on top of things.

Does Instacart deliver for restaurants?

When a user places an order, a local courier or a so called “hipster on wheels”, will purchase and deliver the product from the closest restaurant or store where it is available in a given city. Instacart serves roughly the same cities as Postmates, but focuses more narrowly on users’ grocery shopping lists.

Who does Instacart deliver for?

Instacart will deliver from a number of different stores, meaning you're not limited to one retailer. For grocery delivery, there may be one major factor that heavily drives your decision: Your zipcode. Both services are limited by their coverage, so it's important that you check your zipcode before committing to either.

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