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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy stocks for Publix?

Eligible associates must complete a Stock Purchase Agreement on Publix Stockholder Online during an offering period to request to purchase stock and follow the instructions on the form. When you complete the form, you’re committing to purchase Publix stock as a long-term investment.

How much is a share of Publix stock?

Effective May 1, 2015, Publix’s stock price increased from $39.05 per share to $42.10 per share. Publix stock is not publicly traded and is made available for sale only to current Publix associates and members of its board of directors.

When will Publix stock split?

Publix shareholders approved a 5-for-1 split of the company's stock Tuesday during their annual meeting in Lakeland. The split, Publix's first since 1992, will become effective July 1, when the stock will be valued at $16.10 per share.

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