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Frequently Asked Questions

What fish are in Pyramid Lake Nevada?

Major fish species include the Cui-ui lakesucker, which is endemic to Pyramid Lake, the Tui chub and Lahontan cutthroat trout (the world record cutthroat trout was caught in Pyramid Lake). The former is endangered, and the latter is threatened. Both species were of critical importance to the Paiute people in pre-contact times.

How far is Pyramid Lake from Reno?

The driving distance from Reno to Pyramid Lake Rd is 116 miles.

How far is Pyramid Lake from Fernley?

Optimal route map between Fernley, NV and Pyramid Lake Store, Pyramid Lake Road, Reno, NV. This route will be about 39 Miles.

How big is Pyramid Lake?

The present-day vision of Pyramid Lake took millions of years to form. It is the remnant of an inland sea, Lake Lahontan, which covered more than 8,000 square miles about 11 million years ago. Today, Pyramid Lake is 26 miles long, 4 to 11 miles wide, and 350 feet deep at its deepest point.

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