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Frequently Asked Questions

What's really inside the Great Pyramid of Giza?

There are three known chambers inside the Great Pyramid. The lowest was cut into the bedrock, upon which the pyramid was built, but remained unfinished. The so-called Queen's Chamber and King's Chamber, that contains a granite sarcophagus, are higher up, within the pyramid structure.

What are the three Great Pyramids of Giza?

Giza pyramid complex. The Giza pyramid complex is an archaeological site on the Giza Plateau, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. It includes the three Great Pyramids ( Khufu/Cheops, Khafre/Chephren and Menkaure ), the Great Sphinx, several cemeteries, a workers' village and an industrial complex.

How many pyramids will you find at Giza?

Estimates given by various archaeologists for the size of the workforce at Giza tend to hover around 10,000 people for all three pyramids.

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