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What happened in the 1998 NFL season in Atlanta?

The rubber match of Atlanta and San Francisco's 1998 season came in the Georgia Dome a week after the Niners' spectacular last-minute comeback over the Green Bay Packers. The Falcons, though, would not be denied as Jamal Anderson once again hauled the mail with 113 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

Who was the best player in the 1998 NFL Draft?

Peyton Manning and Leaf were widely considered the two best players available in the 1998 draft, and scouts and analysts debated who should be selected first. Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy recalled that although his team did not need a quarterback, "Manning-Leaf was really split when you talked to people".

Who was the Colts' winningest quarterback in the 1990s?

With 90 wins, Aikman was the winningest quarterback of the 1990s. The Colts traded with the Atlanta Falcons to take the Illinois quarterback, who played high school football at Warren Central in Indianapolis. If only the storybook could have ended there.

Who did Washington State beat in the 1998 Rose Bowl?

Despite his strong early showing in the 1998 Rose Bowl, Washington State was defeated 21–16 by the eventual Associated Press national champion Michigan Wolverines.

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