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Frequently Asked Questions

What does QBE stand for in query?

Stands for "Query By Example.". QBE is a feature included with various database applications that provides a user-friendly method of running database queries. Typically without QBE, a user must write input commands using correct SQL (Structured Query Language) syntax.

What is the difference between QBE and SQL?

Here are some points that describe the differences between them :-. QBE differs from SQL in that the user doesn’t have to specify a structured query explicitly. QBE is easy to learn than SQL, especially for non-specialists. In QBE the query is formulated by filling in templates of relations that are displayed on the screen.

What is the abbreviation for QBE Insurance Group Limited?

Abbreviations or Slang with similar meaning. QBEKMH - Qbe Insurance Group Limited (Australian Securities Exchange [ASX]) QBEKMP - Qbe Insurance Group Limited (Australian Securities Exchange [ASX]) QBEKMQ - Qbe Insurance Group Limited (Australian Securities Exchange [ASX])

What is query by example?

Query by Example (QBE) is a database query language for relational databases. It was devised by Moshé M. Zloof at IBM Research during the mid-1970s, in parallel to the development of SQL. It is the first graphical query language, using visual tables where the user would enter commands, example elements and conditions.

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