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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect to qBittorrent?

Open qBittorrent. 2. Open the application preferences by going to Tools > Options or using the Alt + O keyboard shortcut. 3. Select the Connection category in the sidebar menu.

Does qBittorrent support IP-blocklists or anonymous mode?

Note: we don’t recommend the use of ip-blocklists, and they are no substitute for a good VPN. QBittorrent’s “Anonymous Mode” is an experimental feature designed to hide some identifying metadata from peers and trackers. It only works properly when used in conjuction with a VPN, proxy or i2p.

What is qbqbittorrent and how can it help you?

QBittorrent has a few other privacy features that power-users may want to explore. They can be used in conjunction with a VPN or proxy to enhance your anonymity further.

How can I tell if qBittorrent is using cactusvpn proxy?

In the IP Adress (es) column (11) you should see the IP you entered in the Proxy field in qBitTorrent settings. That indicates qBitTorrent is downloading files through CactusVPN proxy.

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