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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in qBittorrent Enhanced Edition?

Based qBittorrent, added many useful features, such as Subscribing to Tracker URL , you can easily use with this project. After saving the settings, be sure to restart qBittorrent Enhanced Edition. This project brings together the following list of public trackers:

Why does qBittorrent announce to all trackers?

Client seemingly chooses a tracker at random and uses it exclusively. The workaround of reordering the trackers using the arrows causes qBittorrent to announce to all trackers, meaning that it's a bug rather than a limitation.

How do you add trackers to your qbitorrent list?

The best list has approximately 20 trackers and is updated very frequently. I simply copy this list into Notepad++, remove the blank spaces in between the list, and then manually paste it into the section under qBitorrent, Options, Bittorrent, Automatically add these trackers to new downloads.

How to speed up qBittorrent on Windows 10?

1 Set the correct upload rate. The ideal upload rate for qBittorrent is 80% of your maximum broadband speed. ... 2 Limit connections. It may seem counterintuitive to limit the number of people you connect to in order to speed up qBittorrent but it works. 3 Add trackers. ... 4 Select a port. ... 5 Check your sources. ...

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