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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best alternative to QuickBooks?

Zoho Books is the best alternative to QuickBooks. In fact, it’s better than QuickBooks in many ways. Zoho Books is the best accounting software which lets you send invoices, reconcile bank transactions, track inventory, generate reports, and perform all your business related tasks quickly and effortlessly.

Is QuickBooks a small business?

QuickBooks is a small business accounting software application designed to help meet the "strategic, functional and operational needs of small businesses," according to QBalance, which offers QuickBooks training, support and troubleshooting.

How do you receive payments on QuickBooks?

Receive a Payment Go to the Plus Sign Menu, and under Customers choose Receive Payment. Select the customer who paid you in the choose a customer field. Enter the customer’s name. Enter the date you were paid. Then enter the payment method. For the Reference Number, enter the check number.

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