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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit rules in QuickBooks?

To Add a Rule to an Existing Rule: Click on Edit > Preferences. Under Register, click on Downloaded Transactions. Click on Renaming Rules. Select the Rule you want to edit. Click on Add a rule for this payee name (plus icon). Define the method you want Quicken to use to map similar names to be renamed to the new name. Press OK.

How do you close QuickBooks?

Click the "Account" drop-down arrow and select "Make Account Inactive.". If you have no transactions in the account, you can choose "Delete Account.". QuickBooks won't let you close an account with transactions.

How do I create liability check in QuickBooks?

Go to the QuickBooks Home page and click Payroll Center, and then click the Transactions tab on the left. Click Liability Checks, and then double-click the payment to be reviewed and corrected. Make sure the date range appearing under the check image is correct.

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