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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my mortgage with Quicken Loans?

If you with to pay your my quicken loans bill online simply follow those steps: Go to my quicken loans. Login to your account at my quicken loans by entering you ‘Username‘ and ‘Password‘. If you don’t have an online account at my quicken loans you can create a new online account here. Go to the ‘Payment Center‘.

Is Quicken Loans a fraud?

Quicken Loans strongly denies all of the fraud allegations and has characterized the government's action as an attempt to strong-arm the company into a big financial settlement. Quicken filed its own preemptive lawsuit against the Justice Department just days before the government's current lawsuit.

Does Quicken offer personal loans?

Unfortunately, Quicken Loans does not offer home equity loan s or personal loans (lines of credit). If these are the services you're looking for, you may have to seek out another mortgage company for those loan options. In the end, it's always best to shop around so you can find the best options available to you.

Is Quicken Loans legit?

All this is a clear signal that Quicken Loans is legit. In the end, you shouldn’t have any doubts about Quicken Loans. This online lender appears to meet similar criteria as your bank, for example. The only tricky part is to get a loan or repayment service that wouldn’t put a strain on your income.

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