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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Quicken Loans is a preferred choice?

Quicken Loans is one of America's biggest mortgage lenders, and it stands out for having exceptional customer satisfaction scores. Part of the reason borrowers love Quicken is for its industry-leading online resources. These helpful tools make the mortgage process feel more accessible for many home buyers.

Does Quicken Loans offer reverse mortgages?

Quicken Loans offers a lending package to homeowners over the age of 62 called a reverse mortgage program. This program is beneficial to those who are looking to cash out the equity in their home without having to sell the property.

How to make your Quicken Loans mortgage payment?

One way to make your mortgage payment is to wait for the payment coupon to show up and mail it back. You can still do that if you want, but there are a variety of other options to fit an on-the-go lifestyle. Here at Quicken Loans, we have several different ways you can pay your mortgage so you can pick the one that works best for you.

How do I pay my mortgage for Quicken Loans?

If you with to pay your my quicken loans bill online simply follow those steps: Go to my quicken loans. Login to your account at my quicken loans by entering you ‘Username‘ and ‘Password‘. If you don’t have an online account at my quicken loans you can create a new online account here. Go to the ‘Payment Center‘. Click on ‘Make a Payment‘.

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