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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Quickpay account for my business?

Here you’ll find a guide on how to create a QuickPay account and then creating your first merchant-account. A merchant-account is the type of account you’ll need as a shop, union etc. that wishes to accept payments online. Navigate to and fill in your email address.

Why choose Quickpay as your payment solution?

“We chose QuickPay as the payment solution because it was easy to get started. QuickPay is stable and able to solve our needs. The most important thing is that our payments just work. Then we do not have to think so much about it on a daily basis.

What happened to quickquickpay portal?

QuickPay Portal is moving to, your provider's trusted billing partner. Contact your provider if you have questions about this payment destination.

Is quickquickpay safe to use?

QuickPay operates at the highest level of security and is certified by the PCI Security Standards Council. You can feel safe with us and your customers safe with you. A bad experience can lead to a lost customer, so we work around the clock to ensure stable operations.

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