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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickTime and do I need It?

Actually, QuickTime is a multiplatform developed by Apple which is used to handle video, sound, animation, music and etc. With the powerful multimedia technology which is inclusive of a suite of application, an environment for media authoring and a movie file format, QuickTime supports most video and audio formats and allows you to access over the Internet and streams of real-time data on Mac OS and Windows computers.

What replaced QuickTime?

VLC Media Player. VLC is currently one of the most popular alternatives to QuickTime for OS X and seems to be able to handle almost every single media file you throw at it.

Is QuickTime necessary to have on my computer?

QuickTime is a lot like Java, in that you probably don't need to have to it installed . If you do need it, however, it may prove difficult to replace, and Apple isn't currently helping matters.

What can play on QuickTime?

QuickTime Player can play audio, MP3 music files, movies, as well other file types located on disk, DVD, CD, or via the Internet. In fact, it can play live Internet streams without needing a browser. QuickTime player can also playback 3GPP and 3GGP2 files which are used for delivering media to mobile devices.

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