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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do when life give you lemons?

What to do when life keeps giving you lemons Get rid of as many commitments as you can. Us human beings are almost too resilient for our own good. ... Spread the load. When life is one shitty thing after another, most of us internalise it because we don't want to be a downer when around our family and ... Make sure you're still doing your 'thing'. ... Get yourself a serotonin boost. ... More items...

Who said If life gives you lemons?

Although the expression was coined by Hubbard, many modern authors attribute the expression to Dale Carnegie who used it in his 1948 book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. Carnegie's version reads: "If You Have a Lemon, Make a Lemonade.". Carnegie credited Julius Rosenwald for giving him the phrase.

What does 'when life gives you lemons' mean?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade is a proverbial phrase used to encourage optimism and a positive can-do attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune. Lemons suggest sourness or difficulty in life; making lemonade is turning them into something positive or desirable. 1 Origins. 2 Variations.

When does life actually give you lemons for Lemonade?

The phrase, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade," is about being optimistic and positive when things aren't in your favor. The lemons, sour by nature, are a metaphor for the difficult times in life. But when things aren't going your way, don't despair - make lemonade!

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