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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to draw a rabbit?

Work out the eyes and the area around the nose. To draw a rabbit as perfectly as possible, you need to work out the animal’s face in as many details as possible. Take your time and just continue stroking the fur all over the rabbit. Fur on the head, ears or legs is shorter than the fur on the back or on the sides.

How to draw a rabbit step by step?

How to Draw a Rabbit - Step -by- Step Tutorial. Step 1: Draw the head. Think of drawing a backwards "C" with a little bump in the middle. Step 2: Add an eye, two big long ears at the top of the head and a tiny nose. Step 3: Using big round curves draw the back and neck.

How do you show a rabbit?

Put your rabbit back into the carrier as soon as it has been judged. As soon as your rabbit has been judged, put it straight back in the carrier. Try to keep him relaxed and quiet. Rabbits who are stressed at shows often pick up diseases. When the show is over, take your rabbit home and put him back in his cage.

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