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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shape of a rabbit's body?

The rabbit shows a typical mammalian form of the body which consists of head, neck, trunk and tail. The trunk is further divisible into thorax and abdomen. The head is large and spherical posteriorly but produced anteriorly into a large pointed blunt snout or muzzle. The head bears the following structures:

What is the function of the neck in a rabbit?

The neck is an extension of the body which connects the head with the trunk at a slight angle. It enables the head to move in all directions. The neck of the rabbit is short and flexible. Its short neck is advantageous in its burrowing and fast running habits.

What are the different bones in a rabbit skull?

Great, now find the different bones and unique structures from the rabbit skull. There is some variation in the number of bones in the vertebrae column of a rabbit skeleton. These variations may occur in thoracic, lumbar, and coccygeal vertebrae bones. The cervical vertebrae of rabbits are comparatively short.

What are the vertebrae of a rabbit?

The cervical vertebrae of rabbits are comparatively short. You will find comparatively larger lumbar vertebrae with well-developed transverse processes. The sacrum bone is elongated and placed parallel to the ilium bone. There are also seven sternebrae found in rabbit sternum.

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