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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a dog skeleton anatomy poster?

Dog skeleton anatomy poster created using vintage images. The poster shows the skeletal system and close up on the teeth. Measures 18 x 24 inches and is laminated Feline Meridian Chart Set Our laminated Feline Meridian and Acupoint Chart Set includes 4 double sided charts.

What kind of body system does a rabbit have?

Rabbit Anatomy - Rabbit Body Systems. 1 Rabbit Skeletal System. 2 Rabbit Muscular System. 3 Rabbit Digestive System. 4 Rabbit RespiratorySystem. 5 Rabbit CardiovascularSystem. 6 Rabbit Urogenital System. 6.1 Urinary System. 6.2 Reproductive System. 6.3 Rabbit Dental System.

What was the first stage of rabbit dissection?

The first stage was to select and research which muscle groups the lab would focus on. The second stage was to physically dissect a rabbit and take visual records by photographing the desired muscles. The third stage was to bring all of this information together and create a laboratory procedure.

What kind of bones does a rabbit have?

 A rabbit's bones have extremely thin cortices and are easily shattered.  The lumbar vertebrae are elongated to allow for considerable flexion and extension during hopping, but this makes them susceptible to fracture.  The powerful hind limb musculature and light skeleton enable powerful jumping over long distances.

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