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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of light does a rabbit foot fern need?

Rabbit’s foot ferns like bright but indirect sunlight, such as that found near a window with an eastern exposure. During the day they like temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees F. (21-24 C.), and slightly cooler temperatures at night. Water the plants lightly but often to keep the surface of the soil lightly moist.

What kind of fern looks like a rabbit?

The Davallia Fejeensis – more often referred to as the Rabbit’s Foot Fern – is a fern with interesting foliage whose rhizomes look a little a furry rabbit’s foot. The rhizomes often begin to grow over the pot and hang down, so the Rabbit’s Foot Fern looks great in a hanging basket!

How did rabbit's foot fern get its name?

The rabbit’s foot fern plant gets its name from the furry rhizomes that grow on top of the soil and resemble a rabbit’s foot. The rhizomes often grow over the side of the pot, adding an extra dimension to the plant.

Why are the leaves on my rabbit's foot fern turning pale?

Pale fronds and plant lacking growth: The likely cause here is the need for fertilizer within the soil. Pale fronds can also relate to the plant being exposed to too much sunlight or even not enough. Limp fronds: The most likely cause is over watering.

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