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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you plant rabbit foot ferns in pots?

Plant rhizomes near the top of the soil. Rabbit foot ferns have shallow root systems. When you plant your fern in its container, make sure to not plant it too deeply. Keep the rhizomes at the surface of the soil so they don’t rot.

What is a rabbit's foot fern?

Davallia fejeensis is the botanical name of the rabbit’s foot fern ( Humata tyermanii or white paw fern, is a similar plant). These charming plants produce soft silvery growth off the base of the plant that stream down the outside of the pot.

Can a fern crouch over a rabbit's paw?

With furry brown rhizomes peeking out from under airy foliage, the rabbit's foot fern (Davallia fejeensis) looks as if it does, indeed, crouch over a bunny's paws. Native to Fiji, it can produce fronds as long as 3 feet under optimum conditions.

What temperature is too cold for rabbit foot ferns?

The rabbit foot fern should never be in temperatures that drop below 55 degrees as it can trigger plant failure. Also, keep your rabbit foot fern plant out of the direct path of air conditioner vents and heaters.

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