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Frequently Asked Questions

What genus does a rabbit belong to?

Rabbits and hares belong to the family Leporidae (while pikas are from the family Ochotonidae). There are many genera of rabbits, while all hares belong to the genus Lepus. There are over 50 species of rabbits in the wild, however all domestic rabbits are descended from a single species (the European rabbit).

What is the scientific genus for rabbit?

Within that genus are dozens of rabbit names that include the scientific name for the rabbit as a part of the classification. The list of taxonomy includes rabbits such as Oryctolagus cuniculus, which is the scientific name that covers all pet rabbits. In this name, the word Oryctolagus represents the genus name and cuniculus is the species.

What is the taxonomy of a rabbit?

Rabbits and hares are in the same taxonomic family, Leporidae, but they are in different genera. There are 11 genera within the family, but the term “true hares” refers only to species in the genus Lepus; all others are rabbits.

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