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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Rabbits live in Florida?

The marsh rabbit is found throughout Florida. It is distinguished from its cottontail cousin in another important way — it is a strong swimmer and is usually found close to water. In Florida, this habitat includes everything from fresh and brackish marshes to wet prairies and flooded agricultural fields.

What species are in Florida?

Wild Florida. Wild Florida is 2.5 acres of natural wetlands consisting of native animals and plants and is home to alligators, black bears, red wolves, whooping cranes, bald eagles, bobcats, Florida panthers, white-tailed deer and an owl species. The Reptile House at Wild Florida is home to more than 25 different species...

What species of birds are in Florida?

Introduced Florida Bird Species. Examples of birds introduced into Florida are Muscovy ducks, mallards, whooping cranes, white-winged doves, monk parakeets and red-whiskered bulbuls.

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