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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there cottontails in Maine?

In 2017, an eastern cottontail population was detected in Maine for the first time, on Badger’s Island in Kittery. Since, a few additional eastern cottontails have been documented in Maine, so their population is likely to expand in the future.

What is the breeding season for hares in Maine?

The breeding season for hares and rabbits in Maine begins sometime in March and can continue through late summer. Snowshoe hare can have up to four litters a year, with one to nine young per litter.

Where do snowshoe hares live in Maine?

The snowshoe hare is an abundant game species with a statewide distribution, however the NEC is listed as a State Endangered species and are currently only known to occur in just six towns in Maine: Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Wells, Eliot, York, and Kittery.

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