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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there cottontail rabbits in Indiana?

The Eastern cottontail rabbit ( Sylvilagus floridanus) is found throughout the eastern two-thirds of the United States and south through Mexico. In this range, there are 12 subspecies with only one native to Indiana, Sylvilagus floridanus mearnsii (pronounced murn-see-eye).

Can you hunt Swamp Rabbits in Indiana?

It is illegal to hunt, take, or possess swamp rabbits, which are an endangered species in Indiana. Rabbits can be chased with a dog year-round with a hunting license. Certain restrictions apply on DNR-managed properties.

How can I help adopt a rabbit in Indiana?

You can make an immense difference by visiting our GoFundMe campaign and pledging your support one time or on a sustaining basis. 100% of donations we collect from GoFundMe go directly to the cost foster care and continuance of our mission of helping rabbits in Indiana. Interested in Adoption? We can help you find the perfect companion!

What kind of rabbit is a brush rabbit?

Brush Rabbits are small cottontail rabbits. The fur is brownish in appearance with individual hairs of gray, black and reddish brown. The ears are fairly small. The small tail is brown above and white underneath.

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