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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there wild rabbits in Minnesota?

Minnesota is home to one native wild rabbit species, the Eastern Cottontail. Cottontails live across the Americas from southern Canada to Argentina and Paraguay. Minnesota is also home to two native hare species: the showshoe, or varying hare, and the white-tailed jackrabbit.

What is the Minnesota rabbit Association?

We celebrated our 50th (Golden) anniversary at our State Convention and Banquet in September of 1999. We are an organization of approximately 500 rabbit and cavy raisers, joining together to encourage and promote the breeding of standard breed animals, to keep rabbit interest alive, and to coordinate rabbit activities in Minnesota.

Are white-tailed jackrabbits in Minnesota?

White-tailed jackrabbits are classed as a "game species" in Minnesota, and during the autumn and early winter hunting season, several thousand are killed each year for their meat. But predators take several times more jacks than do hunters. The white-tailed jackrabbit really isn't a rabbit at all, but a hare! Confused?

Are there any hares in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, our two hare species are the white-tailed jackrabbit and snowshoe hare, and our only rabbit species is the cottontail.

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